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bricksno more

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Jan 12, 2009
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I am a mid 50's kinda of guy. I never drank coffee until a few years back. I began drinking coffee after a prolonger illness nearly took my life. Now, I am the owner of an internet marketing company and drink lot of pots a day. So in down times, or when I can't sleep, I thought that I would drop by and discuss my new associate, coffee.


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Feb 28, 2008
Near Philadelphia, PA
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Hello "bricksnomore"

Welcome to the Coffee Forums! Since you said that you now drink lots of pots of coffee a day, it's very fitting that you're calling coffee your "new associate."

This is certainly the place where you can learn all about coffee. Plus, it's a great place to explore in the middle of the night when you can't sleep!

Again, welcome. I hope you'll visit often.



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Aug 10, 2011
New Jersey
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Welcome to the forum Bricksno more. I am curious as to what internet marketing company you are a part of and how your experience has been with that. I am happy to hear that you have become a coffee drinker as well and I look forward to sharing information with you as well as learning from each other in the discussions.