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Oct 11, 2013
Wichita, KS
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Ha! Ha! I don't drink coffee. It tastes TERRIBLE to me!

I was going to try to write a poem to match Dr. Suess' "I do not like green eggs and ham", but change it up to reflect my dislike for coffee, but I realized that A) I do not have the talent to pull that off, and B) That Sam-I-Am ends up liking green eggs and ham by the end of that ditty. And so far, I haven't ended up liking coffee, though I would challenge anyone who believes I have just not had "the right coffee" "the right way" or whatever to please prove me wrong. I'm up for experimentation.

So, I am sure you are all wondering, "What in the hell is this guy doing here?"

Well, I've been looking for a place to network and share resources with other people in my industry for a long time, and maybe I haven't looked quite hard enough, but I see this great community of coffee industry people and to be honest my first thought was "got to sell the coffeehouses my tea," (I'm just being honest guys, don't shoot me; I'm a small business guy and everything looks like an opportunity to me first) BUT as I started to read some of the threads and interact a little, it occurs to me that coffee and tea industry folks share a lot of the same challenges with packaging and marketing and tons of areas, and since I haven't found such an online forum for the tea industry, and to be honest, I'm not sure I'm mature enough to be willing to share some of what I've learned to the exploding tea market (I'd hate to increase competition for myself). I don't quite feel like I'm betraying my own interest sharing some tips and tricks I've learned here.

So I hope you'll raise your cup of java, and I'll raise my glass of iced tea and let's drink to seeing what we can learn from each other.
well.... you are making some interesting points here, however, this is coffee forum where we share our experiences in coffee industries, origin of coffee, coffee equipment, retail, ideas, concepts and so forth.

however, I do not want to say "Go Away!" like someone else did. that would be very rude, in my opinion, because this forum does not belong to some specific person (even though we have few moderators who can delete any postings which are not appropriate. and if you are keep saying "I don't drink coffee and taste terrible...etc" and not willing to contribute any constructive ideas about COFFEE, then, probably the moderators will delete the postings and ban the person.)

So, I am just hoping that you have something positive and constructive things to say about coffee. or at least make some interesting argument about coffee which other people can participate and learn from it.

If not, and if you are keep going to talk about Ice tea thing, probably, your ideas and comments would be better served and accepted at TeaChat or TeaAdvisor or www.teaviews.com....etc there are so many of them.

thanks and have a good 4th of July.