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May 3, 2009
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I really like good coffee. I decided this was true after having the richest, strongest, gigantic, most powerful cup of coffee ever in the town of Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. I enjoyed it dark, nothing added. It was enlightening, to say the least.

Now that I'm back in the United States, I have started to buy my own coffee from... The supermarket. Previously, I had just enjoyed coffee when convenient, like at Starbucks (I hate their coffee, but I received so many of those darn gift cards that I could get coffee there for free, basically). Needless to say, the Maxwell House and Martinson brands have been nothing compared to what I had in the CR, always conceding to some milk and sugar.

Secondly, I now work at a USMC Recruiting Station and I have discovered that my GySgt is one of those folks who has to have coffee in the morning and sometimes I've been directed to make the morning brew myself. I really want to get on his good side, so hopefully you guys can help me acquire some super coffee.

I know I like really dark coffee, although I guess I never had a superior light equivalent of what I had in Europe.

I don't own a coffee bean grinder, but I guess I should invest in one as it seems it will yield far superior coffee. So, my question:

Where can I find really high-end coffee beans in New York? Trader Joe's? The Supermarket? Any tips for brewing and storing?



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Aug 15, 2005
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Well grinder selection really depends on what extraction method. If you are interested in french press, drip, vacuum, etc. something like the Capresso Infinity is a great choice for the $$$. It will do the job for espresso too, but generally the more you pay the better the end result regarding something as critical as espresso.

If you want a good, simple setup nothing beats a good conical burr grinder and either a french press or manual drip setup.

Bean storage..... don't buy more than 2 weeks worth. I work at an espresso bar and really like what we're having roasted for espresso so that's what I buy for use at home on my lever machine. When we pick the beans up they're maybe 1 day old. They do need to rest several days to start achieving the proper taste/texture, but only stay really good for maybe 2 weeks and that's with vacuum storage. By the 3 week point the rancidity starts to set in and they go south quickly.

If you truly want great beans visit a few local roasters in your city and tell them what you like and I'm sure they'll be glad to assist. And don't think beans from a roaster will cost alot more than what you might be used to paying. If you want really good coffee don't even bother with what you'll find in most supermarkets. Have never been in a Trader Joe's so can't comment on that.

And don't forget..... there are many online roasters that surely offer what you're interested in. Like Intelligentsia, Metropolis, Counter Culture and many, many more. Later!

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