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Help Answer a Few Questions From a \"Green Bean\"

Let me know what you think of it. IMO you're able to roast a pot at a time, about 10 tbs of ground coffee. Its not a lot but its great for me... for now. LOL I forget which site I bought it from. They seem torun between $70 and $80. Since that was the range I got it from the site that offered a free pound of green beans. I got the ethiopian fair trade and love them!
Everything I have heard and read says a drum roaster produces a more complex taste. A bit of an investment at around $600 for the Hottop which is probably the best for home use. I have the iRoast2 which can roast around 150 grams, which is a few pots and an espresso or two for me. For around $170 it comes ith two pre-programed roasting profiles which also allows you to stop the roasting process and start the cooling process with one touch. I have had the iRoast2 for quite a while and am very happy with it. If it ever croaks, I'll probably look at the Hottop, but for ease of use you cannot beat the iRoast.

As for grinders, if you drink more espresso, the burr grinder is a must and you will really taste the difference. If you mostly drink drip coffee, it's doubtfull you will taste much difference between the blade and drip grinders. I have the $200 Kitchenaid Pro Line grinder and love it, but until I started drinking more espresso in the summer, I was happy with the blade grinder.

I get all of my greeen beans from Sweet Marias, and love the unique differences in coffee from Africa, Asia and South America. :D
Re: Help Answer a Few Questions From a \"Green Bean\&qu

Kevin J said:
Hello All,

After taking sometime searching the forums I''ve already answered many of my questions yet a few uncertainties still remain and I wasn''t quite sure which section of the forum to post in. First off, I am by no mean a coffee expert or make a living or even plan on making a living off coffee, although a large portion of my income goes towards coffee. I''m am in the process of purchasing coffee making equipment and would greatly appreciate any input.

Tommorow morning I''m about to purchase my first batch of green beans and possibly a budget roaster (stove-top) should that pan-out I will go for a home roaster. Is an automatic roaster that much better then a stove-top, fyring pan, microwave or air popper, or is it more of a simplicity/repeatability issue?

From what I''ve read I should throw my blade grinder in the garbage and get a burr grinder, a local coffee supply shop has hand-powed grinders on sale will they suffice or is a powered one that much better?

Finally from what I''ve read many members are drip coffee maker fans. I''ve always found drip-coffee to be inferior to french press, espresso press or even perk coffee; just a personal preferance thing i suppose. At the moment I use an automatic percolator, stove top percolator, french press and stove top espresso maker; from time to time i simply boil water with grounds in it. At work we have a Capresso C1000 which IMHO produces an exceptional cup. That begin said what are the pros/cons regarding taste about different methods of extraction?

Thank you for your input,

A hand grinder such as a Zassenhaus? It's a good alternative to electric grinders.
Don't use a peculator, and don't boil the water. Idea temp should be about 200F. Too hot and you will burn the coffee.
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I still haven't taken the plunge on a roaster yet but I'm seriously considering the Iroast. After a whirly-pop cheap pop-corn popper was given to me i've been roasting exclusivly in it. It does a respectable job, but still leaves a slightly un-even roast with larger batched (about a pound) with smaller batches (1/4 pound) it yeilds a fairly even roast, I'l take some pictures when I get the chance.

I'm no coffee conisseur but my ghetto popcorn popper roasted beans sure kill Folgers or Maxwell house lol.

Lately I've been trying to engineer my own roaster, either a build-up version of the whirly-pop with an electric motor, or a mesh drum-type.....plans are still in the works.