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Aug 18, 2005
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I have just been deployed to Iraq, and there is no "good" coffee anywhere in the area. I run missions everyday and I need anything to keep me awake. I know I know, I'm in Iraq and I should just suck it up due to the whole "lower standard of living" stuff, but any bit of something that will reminds of home makes the deployment better, for myself and everyone else. A good cup of coffee would do wonders for morale. So basically my question is: Who will send over whole beans? On a weekly basis? for like 40 ish soldiers? We have a fund and the people I thought would supply are flaking out, I have not heard anything from them at all. I have a grinder and pretty much anything else, just lookin for some good beans.
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Thanks so Much
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It would probably be easier to req. a roaster and to ship green beans. It would also be great PR for the company but you would have to find a person to do the roasting. Let me do some leg work from this end...maybe the company that has the new smokeless roaster would go for it.

TY for your service, GAM. It's appreciated regardless what the commie bastards say in the media and Senate.

Green beans are the way to go. You may even become the Green Bean Army Man. LOL. I've been going green for a couple of years now but you need the equipment, cooling time, etc for this. You guys and gals may need the stuff NOW and not have to wait. If you can afford to store the roasted beans and keep and inventory, that would be best. To roast and brew would be a waste for the standing time on freshly roasted beans is a must to get that flavor. The best greens come from near you. Yemen, etc. All those terrorist countries grow the best and were the first to market coffee, as you probably well know. Anyway, thanks and keep your head down. Hope the reply isn't too late and half-way useful.

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