HELP! Does a perfect travel mug exsist?


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Feb 8, 2008
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Hi, I''m new here & this is my first post.

I''ve been in search of the perfect travel mug for a long, long time.

My first and most important requirement:
It has to keep the coffee HOT for at least 3 hours

Also, spill proof and holds a minimum of 16-18 oz of coffee.

For years my most favorite cup was the all metal, insulated 16oz Nissan (Thermos) Stainless. It kept the coffee very hot for way over 3 hours and I used it 7 days a week, I brought it to work, on vacation, everywhere.

After I had that cup for a few years I decided it had served me well and it was time for a new one. So, I bought the same exact 16oz Nissan cup (cost around $20) because the last one was so great.

Well, it wasn''t the same at all - it barely kept the coffee hot for 2 hours and nearly drove me nuts every day for 3 months. So, I went out and bought another Nissan (cost $25) this time I got an 18oz.

This one is no better than the last one :cry:
So, now I''ve wasted $45 + because I bought these from coffeee related shops online & paid shipping too & I still don''t have what I need :x

During the week I make my coffee at 6am and leave for work - I like to keep drinking it until 8:45 or so. The last 2 travel cups I bought don''t make it past 7:00-7:30 before they cool off to the point where I can''t enjoy it anymore.

Same problem/same cup on the weekends - I get up make my coffee & then sit in front of the computer for a few hours. I''ve been dumping it halfway through and making a new pot - just to enjoy it hot.

So, please HELP! Does anyone know of the perfect travel mug?


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Feb 3, 2008
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try a pump pot

I too had the same issue finding a travel mug that stayed warm for more than 1 hour... I invested 20-30 dollar in a Thermos Press Pot. It holds more coffee and stays warm for 5-6 hours. only thing is it holds about 2 quarts of coffee but thats the good thing about it if you like coffee and drink alot of it its always there. especially if you drink the good stuff. and it saves you money from going to the local coffee shop or drinking nasty coffee from the work coffee pot...

I bought mine at a Walmart...

here is a link to what it is. ... ductID=344