Help finding a similar coffee to Mcdonalds


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Nov 10, 2007
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Ok, so I happen to like the newer Premium Roast coffee from McDonalds. I would like to find a similar coffee that I could brew at home. I know some people on here do not like the premium roast Mcdonalds coffee but maybe someone could give some suggestions.

I don''t really care the brand but would like the McDonalds coffee taste. With so many varieties that I have never had (Various starbuck flavors, Dunkin donuts etc.) being sold in the supermarket, I would think something would come close.



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Oct 4, 2007
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You're right ElPug, Green Mountain is easily accessible in any supermarket I've been to around New England.
Funny thing, I was actually disappointed when they switched to Newman's Own. I liked the original Mickey D's coffee better, even better than the other fast food joints' coffee. Now, I prefer BK's coffee over the others.
I see that most in this forum prefer the Newman's Own now. It's average to me. :?


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We had a regular that went to Starbucks on us because he's PO at us thinking we let one of our employees go when the dude quited himself. He stayed with Starbucks until McDonalds big switch. Now he's a Ronald McDonalds kind of guy. All is fair in love and coffee.

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