Help Please: I'm Looking for Suggestions for a Drip Coffee Maker


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Jan 12, 2021
Thanks for the input and information. I just finished the first cup from the first pot made with the Bonavita Connoisseur and am very satisfied. Should only get better with some adjustments and better quality beans.


Jan 27, 2022
Upstate New York
I made this comment on another thread, but it applies here.

I would say if you are going to get a drip machine, no need to get an expensive one. Spend the money on the grinder, not on the drip machine.

You can make seriously great coffee in any halfway decent drip machine if you:

1- get a burr grinder
2- get a digital kitchen scale (usually pretty inexpensive)
3- ignore the numbers on the coffee machine, they do not measure anything accurately.

So I have a 12 cup drip machine. I fill it with 36 fl oz of coffee. (Machine gauge will indicate something like 6 to 7 cups. You can ignore this.) I grind up 60 g of coffee - ground fine but not too fine.

The coffee is fantastic. The secret is the ability to measure and get that ratio of water to coffee right, and to get a burr grinder for a consistent grain size.

I hope this helps.