Help Please: My 1st gen' Francis x1 is leaking pressure from the aluminium boiler


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Dec 25, 2018
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My name is Derek and I'm a coffeeholic..

I just joined this site cos I bought my first (used)espresso machine years ago and it never worked so I finally took the time to try to get it going today.
I'm hoping someone might be able to advise me, It's a 1st gen' Francis x1 and it's leaking pressure from the aluminium boiler, out of the recess where the temperature probe is inserted. The hole must be minimal cos I don't see it but it's blowing a little hot storm right out of the boiler. I thought I might try getting the probe brazed into place or plug the hole somehow and do without temp' readings.
I'd be grateful for any info or suggestions, thanks for reading and have a great christmas and new year.. !

Temperature readings on those machines are kind of a joke anyway as the gauges/sensors never held up for long. If possible I'd recommend removing the sensor and drill/tap the hole, then install a bolt, plug, etc. with a bit of high temp silicone or teflon tape on the threads.