Please don't buy a Francis Francis X1 if you value your $$$.


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Oct 15, 2006
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Hi All,

I'm brand new here and have a FrancisFrancis X1 only putting out 158 degree water and making really poor quality espresso with virtually no crema. I have tried all grind settings on my grinder but I still can't get any crema and I'm guessing it's beacuse of the low water temp output.

I called FrancisFrancis and they tell me to ship it in at my expense and the repair will be between $50.00 & $300.00 but most likely closer to $300.00. I told them I've had the machine less than a year but they say they need a receipt. This is a machine I won in a sales contest (my company gives us a magazine with point totals and we can pick a gift if we hit certain point levels) and I can't find the receipt because it was shipped to me after I selected it on the gift web site. All I have is an e-mail from my company saying when the machine will ship.

This machine has been working like this since day one and it was not until a friend brought his Starbucks Barista over that I really confirmed it. His $299.00 barista blew away my $800.00 all show no go Francis Francis. The shots and micro foam from my FF X1 are not even in the same league as the "budget" Barista machine...

After coming on here, after the fact, & reading so many horror stories about the FF X1 I probably should have used my $800.00 in points towards something different like the Bose surround sound system & then purchased a quality machine from a company that actually stands behind the product unlike Francis Francis. I'm very dissapointed in the attitude of the FF customer service and I refuse to spend close to $400.00 w/shipping to repair a machine less than a year old! for that kind of money I can buy a brand new machine that actually works!

As far as I'm concerned FrancisFrancis is all show and NO go and I will continue to post on every coffee forum I can find until FF makes my machine work the way it should at their cost not mine. I will try and talk as many people as I can out of FF machines until they fix my problem. I'm sure if I even stop 10 sales then they have lost money by not fixing my machine! Francis Francis I hope you guys are listening. Customer support IS IMPORTANT especially in todays day and age of consumer reviews online.

In the meantime is there any way that I can take the machine appart and turn up the temp myself? Does anyone no a DIY fix for this problem. I know I'm not the only one sufering from X1 problems so someone must have a way to fix this without having to spend the cost of a Rancilio Silvia. My machine is the new version with the brass boiler not the earlier version. Please help as FrancisFrancis won't!!!

Defective FrancisFrancis X1