Help Please: Problem with Saeco Incanto S-Class Clasic


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May 26, 2020
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Fault: Frother is partially frothing milk.

The milk starts to froth then starts to boil and milk is ejected from the stainless steel jug like a volcano erupting. The fault appeared over a 2 month period and my first thought was a change in the milk, cows feeding on clover, I am desperate for a solution by the way. Have tried 4 different brands of milk with no success.
Next was a thorough de-scalling, no change. What I did notice was a mixture of boiling water droplets with the steam. Unfortunately I don't know if this is normal, or abnormal.

I have the schematics and parts breakdown for my model and have fixed over the years a number of electronic faults, I am a computer engineer now retired.

Dismantled the unit and focused on why the water droplets and not pure steam. The heater element is a 1000w and the current measurement was 4.2A which meant the element hadn't gone high in resistance. Proceeded to clean the water tube with a wire pull through and it was perfectly clean. I now had to resort to desperate measures and decided to increase the heat of the tube by lifting the thermostat slightly off the backing plate. ref 30 189428300 THERMOSTAT 175° INTERCONTR 161471002. Reassembled and there was no change. Removed the washer packing out the thermostat.

Everything else works perfectly in the machine, even though I'm on my second grind motor the new unit with the heavy duty gear.

I'm at my wits end in fixing this problem, give me an electronic fault any day.

If there is a solution I would like to know and would appreciate any input. Not fixing faults really bugs me. In the interim I have bought a stand alone frother, not the same as the real thing.

Thanks in advance.



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