Help Please: Saeco Xelsis SM7685 Milk Frothing Issues


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Apr 30, 2023
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Thanks for the reply. Meanwhile, I disassembled all the solonoids and did a deep clean, and that solved the issue. It was some internal blockage in the system, nothing to do with the pin hole or the cappuccinatore.

I used this video as a reference. It's in German which I don't understand, but it was enough for me to attempt the deep clean 😁



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Nov 4, 2023
Quebec, Canada
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Hello All, i own a SM7684 and like many other people, machine do not create thick foam. So I took it apart following the instructions, pretty easy. Some posted a picture where it look it a blue top, mine is green (see picture). I took this mess out and under it, i see nothing clog. User a small air compressor, i push some air and reassemble everything. Same results, no foam. Question, is it where i need to answer the needle? Anything else to look at? I deeply clean the cappucitare (or whatever you call it). Milk goes out at a decent speed. Tried it both with Foam Milk and cappuccino (setting at the highest for the foam). Using cold, fresh, whole milk. Thanks in advance for any tips.


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