Help With Comparison Profitec Pro M45 and Eureka Mignon Silenzio


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Mar 26, 2022
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I posted recently about a challenge I have been having with parts breaking on a Baratza grinder, apparently a common problem. It prompted me to start doing a bit of research into alternatives. I would love any user experience on either of these machines, or comparable grinders. I grind for both espresso (using Rancilio Silvia with pid) and drip.

The criteria I used to narrow it down were price, durability, noise and the ability to do a consistent job of grinding for both. Profitec Pro M45 and Eureka Mignon Silenzio appear to both be very sturdy and reasonably easy to maintain.

The Profitec is much easier to adjust between settings. Although it is a stepped adjustment, reviews state that the adjustments are small enough that it shouldn't be an issue. It has a 235W 2A motor, and 54mm flat burr set.

The Eureka Mignon has a 50mm flat burr, 260W 2.2A motor and is stepless. It has a timer, although apparently it is not the strongest feature. The grind adjustment knob is small, and requires several turns to get from fine to coarse. Apparently this can make it hard to move between settings consistently.

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So I think I have narrowed it down to Eureka Mignon, probably Silenzio. I Love how the Profitec looks, and expect it would be fantastic if all I was doing was espresso.

I thought I read that the Silenzio comes with a grounds bin for coarser grinds, but what I am seeing in their specs indicates otherwise. Must have mistakenly happened on one of the Eureka coffee grinder reviews.

If anyone is using this machine for both espresso and drip, what are you doing for grounds? I did see a Eureka grounds bin available, but apparently static cling is a big issue