hi..i'm having my thesis about services in coffee shops..


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Jul 14, 2006
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hello,i'm a student and i'm having my thesis regarding quality products and services of coffee shops...as a regular coffee drinkers mmm what do you think are the difference of coffee shops from restaurants regarding services...thanx...it really means a lot to me...and if you replied i want you to know that you're highly appreciated...thanx :D [/list]


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Sep 26, 2006
Lancaster, Ohio
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the coffee bar

I hope that these ideas will help you, feel free to email me if you would like some more details...

I am a manager of a cafe, and I also work many of the hours...like many of the small business' here. The most interesting insight that I have is the relationship to a bar and a coffee bar. Now realize that the big boys...with the green dot... really do not fit this category exactly. Manyof the customers that I have are regulars, also very common. They always buy the same thing and I usually can have it ready by the time they get their money out. This makes them feel like they have a place where "everybody knows your name (or drink)" Baristas, those who atcually get to make and serve the coffee/espresso drink, usually have to opportunity to talk to their customers. Many times my counter becomes the place where people can talk about their problems and hardships. They know that I will listen, give help ONLY when asked and provide them with a caring place.

Look into this some more and if you want send me an email if this is something that you would like to hear more about.