How big are your 3-compartment sinks?


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Jan 9, 2009
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We're running out of room behind the bar for our equipment and I have to fit a 3-compartment sink and a hand sink into the spaces and honestly, smaller is better. I figured I could deal with a tiny 13x18 3-compartment sink because we'll never have that many cups & plates to clean, since we can only seat roughly 10 people inside - most of our business will be in/out and getting paper cups.

The reason I wanted to go smaller was b/c the walking clearance between the counter and the backbar is tight. A 17x27 3-compartment sink sticks out far enough to where I'm sure I'll run my thigh into the corner of the sink at least half a dozen times a day.

So I was happy to settle for the small sinks....until I thought about cleaning my coffee dispensers and pitchers. What compounds the problem further is that I have the opportunity to acquire a coffee system that is bigger than my current needs but is something that I can grow into, but the dispensers are BIG. Trying to clean a 2 or 3-gallon dispenser in a sink bowl that is 5"x10" is going to be tricky!

Any thoughts or recommendations? Maybe something I'm missing or not considering? We want to buy these sinks ASAP so we can get the plumber in here to finish up. PLEASE ADVISE!!!



P.S. I don't think we can do a standing sink - I think we're pretty much forced into using drop-in's.


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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The health codes state that your sinks have to be large enough to fit your largest utensil you clean. The only way around this that I have seen is if you purchase tubs that allow you to fit that utensil for washing. A few places I know in Iowa have been able to ditch the 3 tier sink all together but made a new headache for themselves using this tub system.