How do I locate a post?


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Apr 13, 2010
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Heya guys and girls, would a person be so kind and help me out? I come here the other day by way of bing but now cannot discover once more the post I was reading that day :(. And before somebody asks, no I am not blond merely not that excellent with computer systems hehe.
Thanks :)
Hi Wendy,

Welcome to the Coffee Forum web site. We're glad you found us!

One way to find a posting is to do a search in the search box that is at the top of your screen. Just type in a keyword for the topic and you will get a list of postings that match.

Also, if the posting was recent, you can look at the general topic areas on the forum index, and look at the recent postings there. Maybe one of the headings will be familiar.

I've found that using the search box is the easiest way to find something.

Does "Bing" keep a big history list of the web pages you've recently visited? If you're using the same computer, you may be able to find the posting that way.

I hope this helps.