How long will fresh grind coffee last before you notice a difference?

No doubt the taste/texture will drop dramatically after grinding due to the drastic change in exposed surface area, but it depends on your intended use/expectation. Some people are fine with stuff that was roasted/ground months before using...
If you are religious about keeping it in a sealed container/canister, in the fridge, it will last several weeks a month or so in my experience. If you just roll up the top of the bag and put the bag on the counter, I can detect a difference in a week or less.
Yes of course in the fridge. Once opened you want to keep those ground beans cool so they stay calm and don't off gas as much.

Or do you mean as opposed to the freezer. Well the freezer has a tendency to freeze any moisture introduced when I open the pack, so I don't that.
I certainly respect your advice regarding keeping coffee in the fridge, however many coffee and tea aficionados have suggested not doing so in any form, whole bean or ground.
What I think the refrigerator naysayers are referring does not always take into account the "canister" seal, which is airtight, much better than just rolling the top of the bag.

And also they worry about the moisture that gets int when you open the container or bag to get your beans. And if you go into your bag or container a lot, it is going to go bad faster anyway.

If you go through coffee quickly, and the bag won't sit on your counter more than a day or a day and a half, I don't think refrigeration makes much difference. But if you don't go through bags that quick, maybe you do many varieties and switch among them, well then I think a good seal and a cool temperature is a good idea.
Whole bean is a different universe. Keeping whole bean in an airtight canister and not in the bag after opening is the best, and for the speed I go through coffee, fridging the canisters of whole beans doesn't make much difference.
it depends the enviroment you storge the coffee bean.

many coffee roaster will use high barrier material coffee bags to keep their coffee fresh longer to 12 months. if the coffee bags bag quality it only can stay fresh for 1 -2 weeks or shorter.

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