How my journey started.


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Jun 19, 2009
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Hi all,

Really great seeing a forum that is dedicated to coffee.

My adventure started after I was fed up of people drinking coffee and loving what they were drinking. I wanted to know how someone could enjoy such a bitter and repulsive entity.

Confronted with a pot of Nescafe Gold reccomended by a friend, I took one table spoon of instant coffee and poured hot water in. I leant over to smell the coffee; the grimy dark depths of the mug were not suffice in persuading me to sip. As i grabbed the mug and went for my first sip I was astounded at how disgusting it really was. A drink that looked and smelt as bad as I had imagined.

That night, I had a nightmare that a bean was chasing me.. And a rabbit, but let's not go in to this.

A few years later I joined a company where I met a colleague obsessed by coffee. The aromas of his concoctions always drove me crazy (That sounds wrong). This earthy, nutty, dominating aroma had such an impact on me, I had to give it another try. I asked my colleague if he would attempt to make me enjoy coffee so he told me to follow him to the kitchen area. To much of my surprise I was confronted by.....THE GRINDER. He opened a small bag with whole coffee beans in, poured some in to..... THE GRINDER and stashed it again as if it were cocaine. The smell was invading my body and telling me "give in to me".

After a quick whizz on..... THE GRINDER, he took off the lid and poured into another contraption.... THE CAFFETIER. To my surprise, the smell grew stronger. Oh the most wonderful aromas filling my head with thoughts of Mexicans sitting around campfires with their clay mugs, freshly roasting beans off the local farms and brewing their coffee for a night time tasting. Or hard working African farmers picking the crops of the most beautiful looking fruit I have ever seen and slinging their harvest into woven baskets.

He poured the water in and ushered me back to my desk with a mug.

As he entered the door I felt hesitant; such a wonderful experience of the whole ordeal had led me to believe it could not get any better and by tasting this beverage, I may ruin the whole euphoria, but with a knowing nod, he poured the blooming rich mahogany brown coffee into my mug.

I grasped the mug in my hand, and leant over to smell. The rich smell of coffee convinced me that what I was about to taste was to be nothing but divine.

I sipped...

"Bubble it through your lips" he said..

I bubbled...

Three cups later I was buzzing around like a humming bird.

I now live for coffee..


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Feb 28, 2008
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Hello Jimmy,

Welcome to the Coffee Forums.
Wow! That was quite an introduction! I certainly enjoyed reading it.

However, I have one question.....

Can you tell me what you mean when you say, "Bubble it through your lips" Are you talking about slurping? My inquiring mind needs to know.

Again, welcome to the Coffee Forum. I have a feeling that you will fit right in with the gang here!