How to Educate poor Quality Coffee Sellers.

Oct 27, 2010
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Do you have any Restaurants, Coffee shops, or other sellers, in your area that have always sold
poor quality Coffee, Espresso, Tea, or Chocolate.

How do you approach them without Insulting them, which is the last thing we want
to do, because many of these folks are our friends !!

Some say, I cant change, we have been with them for a long time.
Or, No one Complains, when really, a great number of the customers do not like
those products, but still go because the Food is good, or friends hangout there.

What can someone do to get them to see the Real Picture, and what would you do ?

If this was Only my opinion about these locations, then others might not feel the same, and that is ok,
But people are snickering about it always, and the owners fail to see it, or to
change, And we as the Customers, Are Dying for A GOOD CUP OF Coffee Please !!!!

HELP, What can be done !!!!
Rick H.


Please do not take this the wrong way, but who appointed you coffee police? No one is more snobby about coffee than I. I have dumped a cup that I have paid for in bushes that I am sure have burst into flames from lousy, crappy beans. But someone else loved it and drank it every day.


hi there. maybe you can have a write up(review) about their coffee. sounds like you really are desperate in letting them know that their coffee is a little low quality. so give them your guide on how to make a good quality coffee, regardless if they are your friends. i'm sure they won't take it personally since business is business. friends understand each other. just give them a suggestion. good luck!