How to find coffee bean supplier for new coffee food truck? Help!


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Dec 27, 2016
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Hi there! New user but long time reader of this site! I am currently writing a business plan for a coffee food truck in central Texas. I've hit a plateau and I need y'alls help!

How did you find your coffee bean supplier?

From my understanding, the relationship between the roaster and coffee business is more than a business partnership. I have a list of questions ready to ask our future supplier...but how do I go about locating one?

Do I look locally first and just do cold calls asking for samples and set up a interview? Do I search online in other states? What's the difference between sourcing from a local roaster and someone from out of state? Do you go for well known roaster or the little guy? Did you choose your supplier based on the region their beans grow? Was they're certain notes you were looking for? Obviously you want something that you like! If you have any suggestions or recommendations I'm all ears! What is your current relationship with your supplier like?

I hope these questions ignite a conversation in which we can all benefit. I look forward to chatting with you all!


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Jun 7, 2011
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Running a coffee truck myself I would say stay local and here is why.
You will find huge swings in your selling and you are going to need to find a roaster that you can call and say, "I just got asked to do coffee for a soccer tournament and need 10 lbs of espresso for tomorrow morning can I swing by and pick it up?" When the last minute events come up you can't wait for the roastet to ship it for next Tuesday delivery.
Find someone who is doing coffee that you like to drink and build a relationship with them. Someone who you can trust and will provide a constant product.
The relationship I have with my current roaster has been mutually beneficial for the past three years but I tried two others before I found the right fit.