How to get roast consistency .


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Jun 20, 2019
Empangeni South Africa
Good Day,

A few day back I tried to copy a very rewarding roast. I keep accurate records of weather conditions, and of the physical roast on Artisan. I follow a thorough warm for about 1hour and always start my roasts at 20 C lower than charge temp.(consistancy)

On this particular day the ambient temperature was 10 C higher than my default (Artisan) background. All the roasts were roasted to 230 C. Between the four roasts the time varied by 48sec which has a significant influence on taste (variance).

I am very interested to hear what you would suggest to improve consistency. As I follow my background live, could one adjust as one sees differences appearing, or would you try alter your charge temp slightly to try make the adjustment? I do record humidity, ambient temp and baromatic pressure, do they have a big influence on the roast.

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May 11, 2014
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One thing to keep in mind - your first roasts tends to be always a little slower than after your machine is warmed up (obviously machine dependent). I tend to always give my first roast of the day a little more gas to adjust for this. What are you roasting on?
I try to use the same beans as before for the first roast of the day.
That way, I can compare (also using Artisan) my previous first roast of the day against the one today.
Now there are probably ambient temperature and humidity differences, but it (almost) removes one variable thus improving consistency.


Feb 17, 2015
It really helps to keep your roasting environment a consistent temperature. +/-10*F if possible. It's important for the air coming in to the roaster, but also for the beans. If the room is 20* hotter, so are the beans.

Doesn't everyone roast the decaf as the first roast of the day? :coffee:
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