I am a newbee in the forum and in the coffee table


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Sep 15, 2004
Sydney, Australia
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Hi there. There is something about Coffee....and I wanna know what it is..hmm..ok maybe that was a stupid line..

I wanna be honest..being borned in a non-western country...i know little of coffee types..etc..like drinks..how to make them..what kinds are there..which is what..what to ask for in a cafe..so I was hoping you guys could give me a little help...telling me the basic types and the ingredients to the good delicious drinks..

Hello Oceandeep,

Welcome to the forum. I am rather new here myself. So you just now took the caffeine plunge downunder?

The first time I did, it went straight to my head and I have never been the same since! But that seems to be a running theme and favorite joke for me!

Well you should certainly get into some good conversations here in the forum. Overall, is Australia a big coffee consuming nation? Seems like most are around the world anymore.

Keep in touch I'll watch for you. If I should spot anything out there that may be of interest to you I will give you a heads up.