Identify this roaster ( First Post )


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Mar 18, 2017
Hey there! I am a new member to the forums. My current coffee related endeavors include coming up with new modifications to my gaggia classic and getting in to home roasting. I started roasting about 2 years ago and am already completely hooked. At first, I was using a pan on the stove and a fluke thermo probe to keep a constant temp. Then I managed to score a hottop at a reasonable price. At this point, I'm held back by the lack of profiling abilities of the hottop and am in the market for another machine.
I am looking for a 1 to 2 kilo roaster. Budget wise I want to keep it under 4000 and still have laptop compatibility. I have seen a few but most are out of my price range or have very little control. So I'm left with 2 options. First I could do what I have been doing and scour the internet every afternoon looking for a steal. Or I could build/modify my own. As far out of an idea as it sounds it may be possible as I have access to a machine shop and adequate machining experience. This idea popped into my head when I found the attached roaster on Craigslist. The guy is asking 2500 for the machine, yet knows absolutely NOTHING about it. What I need from you guys (not assuming your gender lol) is help identifying the make and model of this roaster, along with what you think it is worth. In my humble opinion, it seems to be a home made machine. Please provide your input.

Thank you all, I appreciate it.


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