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Feb 27, 2004
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Hi I'm new to this forum and is thrilled to find a community of coffee experts.

A business partner of mine recently approached me to start a illy cafe. The city where I live is already saturated with Starbucks and Coffee Beans which leaves me a little doubtful about the market capacity for another coffee chain? But my partner's view is that illy is a premium brand and with a good concept we will be able to carve our own niche. what do you think?

sorry i hate illy. i think they go more after image then after taste... i had illy few times in different places, but i never liked it. but i guess you can make some bussines with it because it is fasionable and they do lot of image improoving marketing... but i think coffee is about its romance and most of the people in the coffee business are passionate about it...
First I'd like to ask, do you plan to operate a business for yourself or for Illy Cafe? If for Illy, then see if they will sell you a franchise. If for yourself, then I would suggest that you create your own identity. It's a good thing that there is a Starbucks in the area. It will draw customers to you. Espeially if they see an independent shop. If you prove to have good coffee, well trained employees, and competitive pricing, you should do well. Let me know if I can be of further help.
illy independent???

sorry i will disagre with that illy is another starbuck but more widely spread... i mean they cover much bigger area so you cant see them as much as starbucks, but it is only question of time. do not forget that illy does not provide you with a real fresh coffee. it is packaged. ok they will show you some can and say that the freshness is kept by some gas in it... yep but thats already chemistry. why you dont try to roast your own?? or just make a deal with some local roaster. that way you can offer a high quality coffee for your customers... good luck :)
Hey valcs:

You missed my point entirely :lol: It's not that I particularly care for Starbucks and Illy, but this person is interested in opening a shop. And unless you have a shop where this person can look at as an example to get ideas from, then those two are good examples for someone to look at. Keep in mind these places are nicely done, their coffee is of course let up to personal taste. Being a roaster myself, I feel that my coffee is the best out there :p

ok, sorry. i am with you. i like originality.i do not believe in stale coffees from Trieste :) but you made one small mistake. your coffee is the best only in the usa, because the rest of the world is mine !!!!! :twisted:

ok just kidding. :p
neverending topic

ok guys... i guess we have to sit down and cup it... but i roast on a Probat from 1938... a beautifull piece of history... great roaster.... so my coffee has to be the best!!! :evil: :p
I am currently using a probat L25...well as of yesterday I was...I am going to a new job where we are going to be using a Ambex 30 kilos and an ambex 2.2 kilos....we will buy a 3rd roaster in November...probably an Ambex 60 kilos....wooohooo....I have my work cut out for me...
here is a funny story about the roaster....It had an external gas if you wanted more gas you just opened the regulator(which was real loose) well the bosses wife was showing off the roaster to her friends and she fiddled with the controls and what not...and not knowing this I came in the next morning and tried to light the roaster....all I heard was...hsssss...booom...and saw my 6 1/2 inch goatee go up in flames...needless to say she didn't touch it again. :shock: