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Jun 30, 2006
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We are looking for users in the San Francisco area for our automated ventless, in-store drum coffee roaster. The fully automated system allows anyone to roast coffee like a professional roast master with incredible precision and consistency. The patented laser and computer controls provide complete automation of the process. All you have to do is push three buttons on the touch screen computer, what you want to roast, what kind of roast you want and how much. That's it! Walk away and ten minutes later you'll return to find up to five pounds of perfectly roasted FRESH whole bean coffee.

Equipment and maintenance are provided by us and the finger safe smokeless system requires no ducting, safety/structural improvements or any capital expense. Totally portable, it even has wheels! Just plug it in and you're ready to roast. Your savings start from day one and there's never any waste as you roast only what you need. Just fresh product every day. We'll let the increased profit speak for itself once your customers start experiencing fresh roasted coffee!

There is no cost for the program or equipment and there are no requirements to purchase anything (we do not sell green coffee or supplies). Our monthly fee is a portion of shared savings based only on what you roast and the cost reduction/increased profit. If you don't make more money, we don't either. So, if you're a coffee retailer in the San Francisco Bay area, selling or using over twenty pounds of whole bean coffee per day, you might want to give us a call. :wink:

You can visit our web site for more information:

Or give us a call: (650) 325-1795