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Aug 19, 2005
Puerto Rico
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What would be the best Coffee Roasting Machine ,
Which one is the best in consitenci temperature reading , and maintaining,TEMP CORRECTLY..
Which factors or peaces are the best ons for maintaining and controling heat ,

I Have roasted all my life whith artesanals skills given to me buy family , have allways roaste in a JB 1930 300
does the grafics , and DCQ ,usb to adapt to computer rtealy helps a small roaster ?
Diedrich & AMBEX


I love my Diedrich ( Ir-3!

Although shipping might be costly, it's a great machine. Maybe I wolud also recomend: AMBEX (

They are alot closer and I know people like them too. Also TOPHER ( who's in FL) might be able to make a recomendation.

I Just have experiance with Diedrich, and I real happy with them.

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