Incanto Sirius S-Class Control Panel problem


New member
Jan 5, 2009
I have an S Class machine that was leaking steam inside the machine. I replaced "O" rings in both the steam value and the in the dispensener. This fixed the problem. Unfortunately, I let the problem linger too long before repairing the "O" rings and now the display does not function. The machine still makes coffee, steam, etc by using the touch panel from my own memory of key assignments. Is it possible that the display just needs time to dry out, reset, etc or does it need to be replaced?


New member
Jan 4, 2009
Sad to say MOST of the time if a display goes out it wont come back on. From the few years experience i had dealing with SAECOS. You cant order JUST a display either. You'd have to replace the entire control board as a whole. This MAY have changed as of recently but I doubt it.

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