Increase your coffee shop's repeat sales with digital loyalty cards


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Jun 6, 2018
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Hi there! I hope that a few of you are business owners because I think this tool I could be of a lot of value.

Check it out at

Rewardist increases your profits by getting more repeat customers walking into your store.
Many cafes already have loyalty cards however they're easy to lose and a hassle to set up.

Rewardist ports traditional loyalty cards onto your customer's smartphone.

If you're a small business, here's why you'll love :heart: Rewardist:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Set up in minutes
  • Use your own device
  • Better analytics and customer data

Here's why your customers will love it:

  • Digital loyalty cards are impossible to lose
  • No app download or account creation required
  • They can get more free coffees! :coffeemug:

This is my first startup so I'd really like some feedback :p
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