Increased caffeine amount in regular cups


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Jul 5, 2006
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Hi - New to the board :)

Just wanted to know if others had experience with adding caffeine powder to their espresso? We have a small shop where we give customers various kinds of coffee and my son gave me the idea, after him and his friends fell in love with "red bull" energy drinks.

In our espresso I use lavazza and cellini, but came up with a new menu where I use ½ of the usual cellini and then add 180mg of caffeine powder, that we bought from a small brazilian company.
Does anybody else have any experience with this kind of mixture? People like it here, 'cause it's got a different taste and thinned down with more water, but the "effect" remains due to the powder.

The cellini is bought through an italian website and the niche powder is bought of the brazilian website, which seems to be "the number 1 source for caffeine" in Europe. But I think they are kindda new.
Bought one can from they site which seems to last about 3 months. < any others know them? and any others tried to mix a "Super Boost Espresso"? :p :wink: