Independent Gives in to the Big Green Mermaid


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Apr 1, 2007
San Diego, CA
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Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Bean Bar Coffee House
3111 Hancock St.
San Diego, CA 92110

Local Independent Coffee House Gives in to the Big Green Mermaid-- Will Start Serving Starbucks Coffee Immediately.

Pt. Loma -- The locally owned Bean Bar Coffee House & Drive-Thru announced late Saturday night that it will take a major depart from it’s slogan of “Fair Trade. Organic. Independent.” and start serving Starbucks Coffee immediately, according to owner Rick Dieterle. “We’ve been fiercely independent and proud of it”, says Dieterle, “but being independent just doesn’t pay the bills.”

The three year old coffee house has gained a modest following among locals and commuters in the North Bay/Sports Arena area, just not enough to make a go of a location that Dieterle thought would be a sure winner.

“We’ve got 65,000 cars driving by us each day and we get people in and out of our drive-thru lane in five minutes or less during the busy morning rush, but people just seem to prefer the burnt, overly roasted taste of Starbucks Coffee. I give up!” exclaimed Dieterle.

The Bean Bar will keep its signature crepes and freshly baked pastries, including their scrumptious Giant Cinnamon Rolls, but their Fair Trade, Organic Coffee will be replaced with good old brew from Starbucks.

“I hope Starbucks lovers will give us a try now that we’ve made this decision. They’ll get all the overly roasted goodness they’ve come to expect from Starbucks, but much more quickly.” Dieterle concludes.

The Bean Bar is open from 5:30AM-7PM Monday – Friday, 6AM-7PM on Saturday and 6AM-1PM on Sunday.




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Aug 11, 2004
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Ok, and the point of your post is? It happens every day, smaller coffee houses change coffee quite frequently. Like the owner said being independent wasn't helping his bottom dollar.