Initial start-up of an old Simonelli


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Sep 1, 2008
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Hi all,
I am almost at the end of restauring an old simonelli, Beach made in 1991.
I tried to start it and i am a bit confused as to how its supposed to be operated.
As i open the water supply valve, and fill the boiler with water there is nothing to stop the incoming flow of water. The result is that pressure switch goes to off position shutting the heating element so the boiler never heats up, and then after the boiler is filled to the top, the safety valve spits water into the drain bowl. At first i thought the problem was the safety valve, and I did find the rubber side of the plug inside the safety valve was put in backwards. But even when I oriented the rubber towards the inlet, it still was not holding the pressure produced by the kitchen fawcet.
How do i get the pressure switch to close again and allow the heating to begin?
I had some success by letting the boiler fill about a half of water, and then shutting the water supply off. Then I was able to get the pressure switch to remain in the closed position and allow heating of the boiler.
Does this mean I am missing some kind of a water tank, or another switch that controlls the incomming flow of water? It can''t be that I need to manually turn on and off the water supply? After all, his is 1991 technoogy, but its also a 1991 workmanship which is the part I like.


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Aug 11, 2004
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There are a couple of steps you will want to check first. I'm assuming you have the parts diagram in front of you. If you don't you can get them here.

On page 4 you can see a crude hydraulic schematic. Look for part number 04100013 lower left hand corner. That is your boiler fill valve. If you turn off the manual fill valve to the boiler and it still continues to fill with water then the plunger inside the stem is stuck open allowing the boiler to constantly fill up.