Internal coffee machine parts and questions


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Feb 1, 2006
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Hello all. i just have a few questons on the internal conponents of coffee machines.
1-What capicty boiler is needed for a 2 group head machine(answers on other sixe machines are welcome)?
2-What size of boiler will that be(deminsions)?
3-What type of motor and pump are needed?
4-What capicty(power) should they be?
5-What size aree they?min and max
5-is it possible to get them in different shape,ie a flat motor etc?
6 What weight are they?
7-What other pieces are needed?
8-Is there any regulations on pipework ar other areas of the machine to be considered?
9-Is there a maximum lenght that water and steam is allowed to travel in the pipes to the group heads and steam wands?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Are you building a machine?

If not most of your questions would have to be answered by you. where are you putting this machine, what are your power requirements, how many shots per hour are you going to pull out of the boilers, ect...
The Rats right my friend! I know some posters have a good knowledge of the internal workings of a machine- but probably very,very few with the technical knowhow that you are asking for. Also questions about boiler size, wattage, weight are all very subjective. My 2groups for instance weigh 88kg- where as a close competitiors 2group weighs 64kg. Really as A.R says- you know best what you are looking for.

On the subject of machines, a newly made friend in Jakarta sent me this link to an article on the La Marzocco "home use" machine. I "" home use as the machine certainly is spec-ed way higher than any home user would need! Its a 4 page article with detailed technical, could give a budding builder like yourself something to get your teeth into. :grin:
That new home LM is gpoing to be a beauty if it gets up off the ground.. but it will never be worth the money you will have to spend on it... :lol:

I wish i could build machines.

Ps you can buy the parts from Italian companies and assemble the,m yourself if you buy for 50. :wink:
Wow boxty:

Those questions make my head hurt. Both A.E. and A.R. have valid points. Unless you are planning on building a machine yourself, those are questions generally reserved for techies :wink:

If you are looking to purchase a machine to use in your business, the general things one normally look for in addition to the machines performance, are how much room the machine is going to require within the space limitations you have, what color(s) will go with your location, will you have good tech support close by to you, or at least have a machine that most techs can service and parts availability. Those are just a few things to consider.