Mar 7, 2003
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Welcome to the please use this thread to introduce yourself and welcome others to the site. A short paragraph about yourself, your likes, what brought you here and how you found the site is great :) Invite a friend or two -- everybody is welcomed!

Onto the Introductions..................
well.... my name is riverisimo but you may all call me IsraelCoffee, im from israel, coffeelover himself intoduced me to this site and at first i thought it was funny a forum all about coffee and now its preaty cool!!!

i cant have a day done without my morning coffee...
Well this picture pretty much sums up my life:

Was that picture allowed? hmmm... I have mixed feelings on this forum. :?
Why can't we have off-site avatars?
Why is it so sinful to post anything from the web, especially links? I have seen many times where a link would be most helpful to someone. Also I have seen posted interesting news tidbits where a paragraph of the most relevant part is posted, included with a link to the source.
I came here to find info on a coffee machine. But if no one is allowed to post a review or a link to one, what is the point? :?

This is my first post.
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Welcome notmuffy

Welcome notmuffy to the Coffee Forums,
We're working on a collection of avatars to be used as well as allowing people to upload avatars. When we say no linking out, we mean this respectfully we don't want this to become a place for spam, used in context a web address may be allowed. :)

The coffee machine/computer picture is a classic. I need to pick up one of those too. :) Again welcome to the forums.


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ok, ok I can live with the "no spam" linkage. But I reserve the right to ask for a link to something (for example a link to the Gevalia site would have been nice on your post!) or to give one out if it would help someone.

As far as avatars, I am confused as to why you don't allow off-site linking -- it's our bandwidth, not yours, right? :?:

Go ahead and take the coffee/computer pic! I have already taken out the spammy URL someone had put in it LOL
Erm, hi. I am Dani from Scotland, UK and I was brought to the Coffee Discussion Forums via Riverisimo's (scroll up) site! I <3 coffee and I am glad I found this forum!
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Welcome Dani!

Welcome Dani to Coffee Bean Forum Site! Feel free to take a look around the site and partake in discussion and start new discussion. We're fairly new (2 weeks maybe?) so we have much room to grow and I await reading more posts from you.

Welcome to Coffee Forums Discussion Site.



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Hello everyone!
I'm Rowley, thats realy my name too 8)

My role around here is sort of like silent admin so :twisted: bwooohahaha :twisted: be scared of me hehe j/k :wink: .

anyways good to meet you all, and a hello to anyone who reads this. 8)


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Coffee Cup is Full

I came here with a full cup of coffee and after reading all the posts its time to REFILL! Amy is my name, Im here to learn about new coffee drinks and coffee beans to try out!
Hello to all at

My name is Colin and I am
the editor and creator of, the
oldest Canadian Online Coffee
Resource site.

I am very happy to
participate in these forums.

Colin -
Coffee Cups


I'm stiggy!

I'm a sales rep with Williams Industries, manufacturers of plastic insulated drinkware.

I found out about this site from a gentleman at the SCAA Show in Boston. Received the card and thought I would see what it's all about. I have a question for everybody. How many of you have a favorite cup to drink your coffee? Do you take it with you when driving? Let me know what is being used out there, I would appreciate it. :wink:

My name is Coffee Drinker 8)
I drink coffee, and I am going to open a coffee shop here shortly also 8)

stiggy, I use a coffee cup, plain color, no logos that keeps the drink warm for my drive to work and the first 12 minutes.