is drive-thru espresso allowed in dallas area


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May 20, 2005
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Hi all, this is my time in this forum. After reading thru some coffee related news, forums and national coffee consumption statistics, I am very much interested to start an espresso drive-thru in dallas area. I don't see an espresso drive-thru stand around dallas area.

Is it allowed(legal) to open a drive-thru espresso stand in dallas area? If anyone know about this, I will greatly appreciate your reply.

I also need opinion of seniors in coffee business, if it is a good idea to venture in drive-thru espresso in dallas area.
Drive-thru in Dallas

Hi, You can only get this answer by going directly to the city where you want to place your drive-thru. You'll have go to the city anyway for the permitting process. The city I live in also handles the health permits, this is something you'll need to check on as well. Also, even if you see a drive-thru, that's not an indication that it's still allowed. Code changes all the time and sometimes existing businesses are "grandfathered" which simply means they can remain in place, while no new businesses of the same type are allowed. So...check with the city. :)
I am in Dallas and have seen several Starbucks Drive-Thru's...They are failry new, so I doubt that there is a current ordianance against them.
There is a new one on Northwest Hwy just east of Greeville...By the HUGE Half Priced Books.
Hey beanadmirer:

It's a great idea to start yourself an espresso drive thru. If you see that the big boys have made a move there, there's no reason to let them make all of the money...If you are serious and have a good plan, you should make a go of it :lol: