Is It Safe to Let Children Drink Coffee ??

I have a 2 year old who loves drinking his grandma's tea... not sure if it's as bad as coffee, but still... So now we pour lemon juice and honey into hot water and that's his tea.
Actually to give the child only few and they are not given more after the age they are more than the need to drink it
In my readings on caffeine and addiction, I keep coming across stories of children, teenagers, and college students who are becoming increasingly dependent upon caffeine to function each day. The accessibility of caffeine through energy drinks, colas, and a Starbucks on every corner has probably contributed. But I do think if young people are gradually exposed to caffeine, rather than too early and too rapidly, they'll learn how to manage intake better down the road.

There was a time when toast and coffee was all there was to eat!

what would you say is the right age to let children drink coffee?
does drinking coffee during a pregancy increase the chances of complications?
what is the chances that a child would crave coffee because of the mothers consumption during the pregancy?

just wondering?

Read this touching story and I sure a few of you will be able to relate if you were born in the late 50's or early 60's; times were difficult for a lot of people in the nation (U.S.A)

Children and Coffee - Coffee Retreat

If the link isn't live then just go to CoffeeRetreat [dot] com and search on children and coffee; it's a nice article that you will enjoy and give another perspective as to why some parents gave their children coffee at an early age.
It is okay to drink caffeinated beverages like coffee when you are pregnant as long as it is just moderate. When we say moderate, it is only no more than one small cup of coffee a day or less than 200 milligrams. Higher than that may give a higher risk of miscarriage, pre-term birth, low birth weight, birth defects and even result to fetal death. Additional input: Espresso-based coffees have lower caffeine than the brewed java.
During the past several months, I've noticed an increase of people ordering half hot chocolate and half regular drip coffee for their kids. (small ones, pre-teens, and teenagers). I wonder if they know that the kids are getting caffeine from the coffee as well as the hot chocolate.
My kids were interested in coffee and the times they've had it, I didn't notice any worse behavior and they seem healthy. They've not had stunted growth (taller than me and I rarely drank coffee as a kid).