Italian Blend for Espresso

Hello coffee nerds,
I was wounding if anyone of you roasters have an Italian style espresso blend for a reasonable price. One of my favorite big name coffee is Lavazza along with Barnyard’s Ethiopian coffee. My main love of coffee is tje Africa coffee beans that have a very fruit forward flavor but I’m want to try the dark chocolate flavors that Peru and Mexico coffee beans produce. If you live in Florida, please DM me.
Isn't Lavazza a cheap brand? illy (Illycaffè S.p.A.) could be a better Italian roasting company. They have Brasile, Etiopia, Colombia, Guatemala, etc. But I don't think they have anything from Mexico. That's a bad place to grow coffee to start with.

Yes and they make good coffee surprisingly. I’ve made espresso with it and it taste really good. Why is Mexico a terrible place to grow coffee?

Also note that I was asking for a specialty coffee version of an Italian espresso blend. I was just tell the single origins I like. I only care about how the blend will taste. I am just a consumer, not a roaster.
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Nov 12, 2008
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Lavazza is fluid bed. Illy is drum roasted. My friend who imports coffee into Italy for alot of roasters tells me that most blends are quite similar. In reading the label of some of the super low priced "sale" products (Lavazza or Illy), it only says a blend of robusta and arabica