Jabez Burns 2 barrel sample roaster for sale (rebuilding now, can customize)


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Feb 14, 2006
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Just in, Jabez Burns 2 barrel gas sample roaster (photos are in as found condition), natural gas (we can configure for LP). Includes chaff cyclone (rarely included), chaff tray under barrels), exhaust fan manifold ports for each barrel (some of the very early models did not have this feature). Currently 110v/60 hz .25 hp/4.7 Amps (conversion to other power optional). We will fully test and repair as needed, original cooling trays are missing, we will fabricate replacements. Has newer style round burners (more uniform and spreadout flame with very good turndown and very good heat dispersion across barrel).


selling price $5950 plus $450 for fully enclosed, export grade, HT stamped crate. Shipping available, to be quoted once complete shipping details known.

optional items:

new gas train piping with dual pilot flame safety valve, pilots installed for each barrel, pilot flame size adjustment valve installed for each barrel $2500
digital bean temp display for each barrel $900
predisposition for datalogging (extra leads for Artisan/Cropster/Typica) $200
full datalogging with preconfigured laptop and all necessary hardware installed $1800
LP conversion/power conversion to other voltages to be quoted once details are known
other options (painting, plating, modulating burners for profiling) to be quoted once details are known
shipping to be quoted once details are known

Estimated lead time to completion 5-8 weeks after receipt of order with 50% deposit and signed sales agreement IMG_0167.jpgIMG_0168.jpgIMG_0166.jpgIMG_0173.jpgIMG_0182.jpgIMG_0167.jpg