SOLD: 2 barrel Jabez Burns antique coffee roaster, fully functional

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Jul 17, 2013
2 barrel Jabez Burns antique coffee roaster, fully functionalThese are rare and often incomplete

  • natural gas (we can quote configuration for LP)
  • Includes chaff cyclone (rarely included), also has chaff tray under barrels)
  • exhaust fan manifold ports for each barrel (some of the very early models did not have this feature)
  • 110v/60 hz .25 hp/4.7 Amps
  • original cooling trays were missing, we fabricated perfect stainless steel replacements (copied design from a 4 barrel we also own)
  • has newer style round burners (more uniform and spread-out flame with very good turndown and very good heat dispersion across barrel).
  • new gas train piping with dual pilot flame safety valve, pilots installed for each barrel
  • added burner pressure gauges for repeatability on your sample roast profiles (can be removed for original vintage look)

Shipping, Insurance and Crating included at full asking price (negotiable otherwise)
Item is used and has been tested, sold as is, no warranty implied




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Sep 29, 2019
Rustydog. You can contact me directly at
1 416 786 0646 regarding my Jabez burns roaster for sale
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