Joper 25kg BPR with afterburner for sale


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Dec 19, 2012
Horsham, UK
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We are selling our Joper 25kg BPR profile roaster with afterburner. Bought new in 2015 and in very good working condition. Well looked after and serviced and cleaned by us regularly. The afterburner is made by Besca and works very well to eliminate smoke. It is a two stage afterburner which saves on gas consumption.

All setup to run on 3 phase power with LPG gas. These are great machine that can run back to back all day long. We would usually do batches around 20-22kg and can fit in 4 per hour. We are only selling as we now also have a Loring S35 and have decided we don't need both roasters.

The roaster is setup and working and located near Horsham, West Sussex, UK. We are able to have it professionally crated for transport internationally.

Asking price is £32000 + VAT (full setup cost £52000 + VAT new)

Please let me know if you have any questions.