For sale: 1981 Diedrich IR24 -- SOLD


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Dec 5, 2016
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We are moving to a larger roaster and selling our 1981 Diedrich IR24. It has been completely rebuilt over the last several years and we have made a few modifications (PID, adjustable gas valve, phidget interface for cropster, etc). We also have quite a few spare parts that will go with the roaster upon sale (motors, bearings, burners). We also have an additional cyclone (not afterburner) we utilize to limit chaff discharge (we are in a retail shopping center so this was necessary).

Asking $20,000 OBO

We have a window to install our new roaster from 3/24 - 3/27 which means we will need to coordinate pickup of our old roaster. I am not interested in crating and shipping this for you but you are welcome to hire a moving company to coordinate that process.

Here are photos of the roaster.

It's an older roaster so cosmetically not the prettiest in the world, but highly functional and reliable.

Please message me if you have any questions.

Jay M.
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