Just learned about "aged" coffee beans

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Read back a few posts... Your Monsooned Malabar was marooned.


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Jul 22, 2009
fyi, Sweet Marias has the aged Sumatra again. I'm very curious. As far as the Malabar: I really wanted to like it but don't enjoy it straight as a cup or espresso but it's good as a 20 percent blender. I really like the Josuma's Malabar gold blend. It's all Indian and a great rich chocolate goodie espresso. They've got a Monsooned Medley blend I'd love to try sometime too. Some people love these, but I think I just got spoiled by some really nice central Americans that blow away the monsooned coffees I've tried so far
You know, I am not a huge fan of aging Sumatrans. I personally dont think the aging process on anything grown North of Lake Toba improves the cup- however I must say I respect Tom and if he has stumbled accross something he thinks is worth roasting after being warehoused up that way, then good on him.


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Sep 24, 2004
I just got back to roasting my own coffee beans after 2 years of using a Keurig single serving machine and my first order from sweetmarias included two different Costa Rican coffess for my daily drinking and a 2 pound bag of the aged Sumatran. All I can say is that the description is spot on. I wasn't too sure what "peppery" would mean in relation to coffee but that was the first thing that jumped into my mind when I took my first sip!

I was a bit concerned when I got the coffee because the green bean wasn't so green! However, I do like it but it is NOT a daily drinker! I've found it to be a great coffee on those mornings where you don't want to be awake but have to be.

One of the Costa Rican coffees, othe the other hand, the Caturra - Macho Arce, is NOT one of my favorites. In order for me to enjoy it, I need to bring in into the second crack and the then it ends up tasting like a generic starbucks coffee.

I liked the other one I got which was a Tarrazu coffee...can't remember the name as they are now out of it but I've been drinking that by the gallons!!

Waiting for some Panama coffee to come into stock...and...if it ever happen....some Venezuelan coffee....maybe from someone on here...!!!

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