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macchiato, in korea town after hours the girls are out in full force? Even more so than the day would you say? When enjoying the girls drinking their coffee do you know which coffee they drink most often? Hot/Cold?
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There is almost always a group of girls that come to sip on some coffee or bubble tea at these cafés.

I forgot to recommend to everyone to try out Monte Carlo on the corner of 6th and kenmore. very good coffee about $3.25 a cup and free refills so bring a friend, sit and chat for a couples hours and have a few cups of coffee.
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I'd be surprised if anyone can get through korea town without finding a coffee shop or cafe. :grin:

The ones I know off hand are all on the same physical block:

Monte Carlo - 6th & Kensington ( or Kenmore )
Bleu Cafe - 6th & Alexandria
Home Cafe - Wilshire & Alexandria

getting the hint that they are frequent?

There is a great cafe in downtown on 7th near Figueroa called "Jolt Cafe" they are located on the first floor of the talled building heading outside of downtown. I want to say it is the wedbush building.


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