krups CAFE DUOMO - frother problems


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Sep 29, 2005
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We bought a krups CAFE DUOMO about 8 months ago, it's worked great, we make cappuccino all the time.

Recently it has not been frothing very well. We put about 3/4 c 1% milk in the pitcher leaving about 2 inches above for froth. It used to froth it up to the top, and there was always steam left over. now it hardly does any froth at all.

· Always clean the steam nozzle and froth attachments before use, there are no clogs that i can see. Steam does come out but presure is not as strong and it doesn't go near as long as it used to.

· We are using the same low fat milk we always have used

· We use fresh ground coffee ( ground to fine esspresso grinds ) Again we have used the same all along so it's not the grinde

Any ideas :?:


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