La Pavoni - help?


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Jul 31, 2023
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Has anyone ever dealt with a La Pavoni lever machine that has a lot of steam coming out of the safety valve? I think that's the name of the area... it's to the right of the boiler cap. The steam/milk frother works fine.
The pressure gauge reads 1 consistently, and that is when I pull an espresso shot.
fyi - This was purchased 2nd hand. I had a new machine years ago and this steam issue never happened. It's quite loud - steam forcefully being pushed out of that area.

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I took the safety valve casing off & determined it's an "old style" spring & (white) valve.
I'm not convinced this is the issue - they are in good shape.

I tightened the nut & valve casing and the steam is already a but less loud & forceful. But I don't have a tool to get into the boiler to tighten THAT nut/washer.
1) any tips on how to tighten that inner nut/washer? (must I buy a "La Pavoni" tool?)
2) how much steam is a normal amount - that SHOULD come out of the safety valve?