Latte Art


Jun 12, 2018
Saint Petersburg Florida
I like to make lattes at home but when ever I make then, the foam just piles up and becomes a ball instead of tne beautiful art I see the cafe I go to. The latte still taste great, it’s the art I want to improve on.


New member
Nov 15, 2019
New Jersey
The consistency of your milk and foam aren't where it should be for latte art. I often see baristas swirling the milk and banging it on the counter. Apparently the banging gets rid of large bubbles. Those are the enemy of latte art. I have never been able to get my milk and foam to the right consistency because I use a manual frother. I've tried experimenting with different froth times but still no luck. I've decided I probably won't ever get there but I'm ok with that since I drink my coffee for the flavor, not how it looks before I drink it.