Lavassa Coffee Beans


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Jun 10, 2005
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Hello, We have just brought a Gaggia Synchrony Digital Coffee Maker and are really disappointed with the taste of the beans. We tried a Lavazza Crema at Gatwick airport last week which was perfect but we can't find Lavazza Crema to buy.

We have found Lavazza Crema Aroma, Lavazza Super Crema and Lavazza Gusto. Does anybody know the differences between these beans. We only make Cappachino never expresso and have already tried Lavassa Expresso which was simply too weak in a cappacinno.

Our local pub will sell Lavassa Super Crema but it says on the packet 'Expresso'. Is this bean suitable for making cappachino.

Please help - we like a strong cappachino but are complete novices. Thank you
If you want to use packaged imported coffee from Italy the Super Crema will do for cappuccinos.
'Espresso' just m,eans a coffee that is fused by espresso machine process..
You can have milk espresso coffees.

Why not choose a local roaster.???
At least youll know its fresh..