Layers of milk


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Mar 27, 2016
Hello guys,

I am having some difficulties with my steamed/frothed milk, I hope You guys can help me with this problem I am about to do my best to describe the problem enough for you to understand it easily.

As I turn the steam dial on I let the wand surfing the surface of the milk to stretch it (inserting air into the milk) until it hits 4/3 of its initial volume, then I drown the wand under the surface, so I continue to steam it without inserting any additional air into the milk and I wait until the pitcher gets "too warm to hold". During whole process I am creating "vortex" so the milk circles in the pitcher. After I turn off the steam dial (I clean it..) I tap the pitcher once, I give it 4-5 more circles and I start pouring..

This is when I encounter my problem.. I know it only follows physical laws, but the milk is layered into 3 layers. The first one on top is very rich foam, the second one is "the right" microfoam I need for latte art and the last - bottom layer is only steamed milk without any foam. I tried to do sketch for you guys, I hope you get it..


If I understand latte art right, the steamed milk should be the same nice velvet texture from the top to the bottom.. Whats the mistake I have been doing? Thank You very much guys!


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Oct 10, 2013
Milwaukee, WI
You can play with the amount of stretching vs texturing; more or less depending on the power of your steam wand may change things.

A couple years ago I stopped skimming/plunging the tip, and start with the tip submerged may 1/4" and never move the pitcher up or down; as the volume of the milk increases the tip in essence is going lower. Seems to work for me and simplify things.


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Feb 20, 2019
it is but it is not working all the time it's quite difficult to maintaining these things while you making it by your own