Learning Latte Art


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Sep 16, 2005
Sebring, Florida
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If you are lucky, you might find a barista in your town willing to teach you the elements of latte art. In MY town, there aren't any baristas who do latte art (or who know what they're doing, for that matter), but it is not a large town, either.

You would also need to find someone who has 10 gallons or so of milk to spare! You go through a LOT of milk learning the elements!

There are places you can go, however, to take a formal course of instruction in a couple days' time. I just finished such a course today, and a lot of the teaching was done by Chris Defario, who has, himself, won several competitions and is a member of this forum. What a patient guy he is, and knows why things happen in creating the art, not just that they do happen.

Not a professional barista, I just wanted to learn latte art for its own sake; the few days I have spent in Portland have been really very rewarding. I know, now, that I am able consistently to pull a good shot and do the latte art I want. Feels gooood.

I had been hanging around the Coffee Geek site for a couple of years, and making espresso at home, but the formal training cleared up a lot of things for me and I was surprised at the number of things I still needed to learn.

Anyway, I am hoping to participate in the new Latte Art section here and maybe, sooner or later, to contribute something worthwhile.

Sebring, Florida