little guidance please


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Dec 16, 2004
south texas
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i have been roasting about 8 months,have purchased a 5lb ambex roaster..started with friends and church folk,and things have been going pretty good..i am a novice with a novice question..i am watching my time and tempeture for the fisrt crack(8:30 minutes )average..lets say a columbian/guat.mix,good hard bean..want a dark roast,so first crack is at 385 deg.,i let the temp. increase to about 440 deg.,well into the second crack, the total time of the roast is about 11:30..this machine is pretty tight ,not any air leaks ,the coffee tastes great, but i do not have the drop you in the tracks aroma,??can you please help me find this balance..thank you in advance, paul :roll: