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Rick G

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Jun 26, 2008
Las Vegas
Greetings all, newbie here and I''m old so be nice;
I have the bare basics of espresso equipment that i am using to see if I like it. I have stopped going to S***Ks and love making my own even with junk equipment from S****Ks, but i have killed my espresso maker(on purpose but don''t tell the wife) and am in the market for a new upscale and shinny E61 machine. Question is which brand is the sturdiest and projected to have the longest anticipated lifespan.
I have been looking at Quickmill,Alex by Izzo (favorite), Isomac,Pasquini and Expobar. I am also concerned about the ability to find parts in the future.
Any better or stronger out there?
Still looking for a coffee roaster here in Las Vegas but not much luck, also can''t find anyone that sells equipment either. Thank goodness for the internet.

Rick G


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Oct 18, 2006
Old England (UK)
Rick G said:
I have been looking at Quickmill,Alex by Izzo (favorite), Isomac,Pasquini and Expobar. I am also concerned about the ability to find parts in the future.Rick G

The Alex is very good I have one (an old MKI), however they have just bought out the Izzo Alex Duetto (I have one of these as well :D ). The Duetto is an E61 twin boiler machine with PID regulation of brew temperature and I think Chris Coffee will have them in in a few months or possibly less....I believe they are on pre-order now for around $2000

It looks almost identical to the existing Alex (same case and frame), but the UK spec model has:
  • Height-Width - Depth: H420 x W360 x D430 mm
    Weight: 32 kg approx
    Voltage & Power (approx): 220 V-50Hz, 2550W max (1150W in steam off mode)...1450-1500W steam 1000W Brew 100-150W Pump
    Temperature control PID for Brew boiler (to solid state relay)
    Adjustable Pressurestat for Steam Boiler
    Water Tank : 2.4 litres, removable with low water sensor/or mains plumbed (switchable, simply move a lever behind drip tray)
    Twin Boilers 1.8 litre Steam/HW, 0.8 litre dedicated brew boiler (can be switched on off independently)
    Pump Type: Commercial Rotary Pump
    Group Head: 1 (E61 type), (manual lever action)
    2 Filter Handle(s ) for 1 or 2 cups, Internal Diameter 58 mm, removable drip tray, cup warmer
    Construction/Finish: Heavy Gauge Polished Stainless Steel case and internal frame
    Water/Steam Ball joint mounted, not cool touch. Steam Boiler can be switched On/Off independently as required
    Boilers Copper with brass end brew boiler. Heavy gauge Copper steam/HW boiler
    2 Manometer Gauges: Measures Boiler & Brew pressure
    Brew Water Preheat Via Custom designed Heat Exchanger in Steam boiler to prevent overheating of brew water, only operates when steam boiler is switched on
Comes with all fittings and drain assembly for proper plumbed operation. The Duetto can also be used on a standard (cheap) mains timer, if times operation is desired. The group is a standard E61 group, so easy and cheap to maintain.

So if the Alex is already your preferred option, then perhaps the Duetto is well worth waiting for. Internal components within the machine are all standard, easy to get and simply to maintain.

There is a 17 page review of the machine on the web at
Unfortunately though the site is not working properly at the moment, so you won't be able to access the review.

Rick G

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Jun 26, 2008
Las Vegas
Yes a new grinder is in order but it seems the selection of a grinder is harder than the espresso machine itself.
Do commercial Bunn grinders work well for espresso?

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